About Us

Michel Herbelin carries on the finest watchmaking traditions, allying the latest technology with skills honed over the generations. Every Michel Herbelin creation is a unique piece featuring the very best Swiss movements and the painstaking work of our master craftsmen.

In the field of watchmaking Michel Herbelin is a brand that delivers exceptional quality.

The Michel Herbelin head office and manufacturing is in Charquemont, in Haut-Doubs, on the French-Swiss border. It is a small town with a strong watchmaking tradition.

Michel Herbelin has been manufacturing watches since 1952. The origin of the company is a family owned and operated business and still is today. The pioneer, MICHEL HERBELIN became known as THE FRENCH specialist in mechanical watches. His name became synonymous with technical prowess, high quality and precision.

JEAN-CLAUDE HERBELIN, the son of Michel joined the company in the nineteen seventies. His eye for aesthetics enabled the business to grow onto the world market. In the nineteen eighties Jean-Claude Herbelin succeeded his father at the head of the company. Pierre-Michel his brother soon after joined the company with technical aspects as well as production insights to further strengthen the business.

The watch brand Michel Herbelin is now distributed in many international markets around the world. The Michel Herbelin brand has established a reputation for quality and design excellence. The watch range flagships series is Newport, a diverse collection of sports watches for men and women. The watch range is a combination of classic and contemporary designs; the collections are ever evolving, catering to the market trends whilst maintaining the origin creed of making quality timepieces.

The distribution of Michel Herbelin in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji is now controlled by SEIKO Australia Pty Ltd.